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Winter 2013 Statistics of Income Bulletin Now Available

1.  Winter 2013 Statistics of Income Bulletin Now Available

The winter 2013 issue of the Statistics of Income Bulletin is now available on The winter 2013 issue features preliminary data from more than 145 million individual income tax returns for tax year 2011.

2.  Special Procedures for Form 8839, Qualified Adoption Expenses

The IRS reminds tax practitioners that Form 8839 Qualified Adoption Expenses, cannot be electronically filed this year but must be mailed to the IRS. Additionally, there is no longer a requirement to attach supporting documentation to this year s return. However, documentation must be kept as part of a taxpayer s records.

See Tax Topic 607 for additional information on the Adoption Credit and adoption assistance programs.

3.  E-filed Tax Returns with Incomplete Forms 8863, Education Credits, Experiencing Delays

The IRS revised Form 8863, Education Credits, for Tax Year 2012 to help taxpayers and tax preparers understand the qualifications for the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

Checkboxes for lines 23-26 were added to confirm basic qualifications for taxpayers claiming this credit. If these lines are left blank, there will be a delay in the processing of the taxpayer s return. 

To avoid delays, ensure your clients complete Form 8863 correctly.

4.  Additional Counties in Mississippi  FEMA Disaster Area

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has added counties to the recently declared Mississippi disaster area.

5.  Reporting Military Retirement Income

A new video explains how to report military retirement income for veterans when there was an increase in the percentage of disability by the Veterans Administration, or the veteran was granted combat-related special compensation after an award for concurrent retirement and disability.

6.  Phone Forum: International Issues Involving Retirement Plans in U.S. Territories

Audit results and recurring issues of retirement plans in U.S. Territories and Employee Plans (EP) 2013 fiscal year strategies and operating priorities will be discussed March 21 by International Focus Team members, Charlie Petrasanta, TE/GE International lead, Olimpia Diaz, EP group manager, and Stephanie Hunter, EP revenue agent. Sign up now for this phone forum.