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General Faq's

1. How can I choose for Values Tax Services?

Kindly logon to and get registered for our services. As soon as you register, you would receive User ID and Password to the mail ID which you have registered with us.


How can I login in to my account services?


Once you become registered member with us, you would receive User ID and Password automatically to your registered E-mail ID. There after you can login in to your account with these details.


How secure is my personal, financial and other sensitive information?


We assure you 100% protection with regard to your personal, financial and other sensitive information as we respect to our valued customers and the data provided by them. We further adhere to Indian IT Act and do maintain your data in the soft copy format by our Technology team.


How can I contact your Tax Experts/Specialists?


Once you provide tax related information to us after registering for our services, your tax return will be assigned to concern Tax Analyst in order to initiate return preparation process. You can find the contact details of analyst in your account at each stage of your tax return process.


How Values Tax is different from other on-line service providers?


Values Tax is equipped with experienced and skilled professionals who would help you to analyze your current tax situation more effectively by identifying optimum tax planning/filing options available to you, so it means to analyze your Tax Returns accurately as per the documents uploaded by you and also determine the correct residential status. This will help you to avoid receiving of notices from the IRS and State departments as well, compared to online filing. Further, Values Tax provides Un-limited Tax representation services to all our esteemed clients.


How will you assist me in filing Regular & Amended Tax Return?


Values Tax team will help you to assist to prepare and plan your Tax Return( to minimize your tax liability and maximize your refund)as per the latest amendments/pronouncements announced/released by IRS Department.


Tax Return Related FAQ's:


What do you need to prepare my tax return?


First you need to register for our services, later on we shall send you via mail or update over phone the required information and documents that you need to provide us to prepare your tax returns.


How long the preparation process takes place?


As soon as you provide relevant tax notes, tax documents and other required information, we shall initiate preparation process and send you the Estimated Tax Summary within 24 to 48 hours.


How can I escalate if my query is not resolved within the specific time period?


your query is not resolved within the time period by our executive, you can escalate the issue to the concerned Tax Supervisor/Manager from your login account by using the escalation option.


Do I need to check my Tax Returns before submit to the IRS department?


Yes, it is mandatory to check your tax returns before they are being submitted revenue departments with regard to correctness of your personal information, Income details, deductions &credits claimed on the tax return.

5. How can I contact your Tax experts?
Once you registered with us, your Tax Return will be assigned to the respective Tax Analyst automatically and you can find the contact details (name and contact number) in your account at each level of your Tax Return. And we assure you our customer support executives will support in 24/7 throughout the year.

How can I check my Tax Returns?


As soon as you make the payment for our services, we shall upload the Tax Return PDF (with water mark) in your Values Tax login account for your complete review and verification. You can download the tax return PDF using “DOWN LOAD TAX RETURN” option and thoroughly check the same for its accuracy. If you find any corrections on the tax return, you need to notify the same by declining the tax return PDF and later we shall upload the corrected one once again for your verification.


How long it takes to file my tax returns?


We shall file your tax returns electronically within 24 hours after your acceptance and your consent for filing to all revenue departments. In case if you are not eligible for E-filing, we shall provide you the signed (with the digital signature done by our Preparer) tax return copy along with the filing instructions for onward filing with revenue departments.


How can I get my Tax Refund from the Departments?


While filing your Tax Return with the concern department if you provide your bank details on the tax return then your refund will be credited directly to your account, otherwise you will receive a paper check.


How can I pay the balance due/owe amount to the Department?


If you have balance due /owe amount on your tax return, you can make payment to the departments by one of the following methods.

  • Using Auto withdrawal facility while filing your tax returns (i.e. before April 15th 2012).
  • Making online payment (using your credit card, debit card, etc.)
  • Paying through paper check along with Payment Vouchers.

What if I'm unable to pay the balance due/owe amount to Federal Department?


If you are unable to pay the owe amount due to your current financial position, you can choose to make the payment using Federal Installment Agreement at your budget up to a maximum period of five years.


What should I do if I made a mistake on my federal return that I have already filed?


If you find any mistake on the return originally filed, you may need to amend your tax return. For this, you need to file Amended Tax Return (Form 1040X) and make necessary corrections.

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